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Image Width Question

  1. smallhousebiggarden

    Before I ask my question let me say I need non-jargon, plain English help and not a snippy reply telling me to read documentation I've ALREADY READ. I'm asking because I cannot find the answer myself.

    Is there a specific media setting that will make my pictures appear full width in twenty eleven? The blog I need assistance with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you describe what you mean by full width? When I look at your blog, the photos fill the width of the post column. Is there a different effect you are going for?

  3. Another question, very similar,,,,,,,
    How did you get your banner to be large, mine are truncated, I am using theme 20-10 and if I went to 20-11 I hope that this is an option.
    I will be watching this as I need help with my images too.

    By the way, your blog is really lovely, Im a flower person too.

  4. @ Jane / capecodlilly2
    In the Twenty-Ten theme, the header image is 940 px wide and 198 px tall. In Twenty-Eleven, the header image is 1000 px wide and 288 px tall. So if you switch to Twenty-Eleven, the image will indeed be bigger.

  5. Thank you!!!!
    I just changed to 20-11 and my banners are wonderful.
    You saved the day for me, I was so upset having my banners truncated.

  6. smallhousebiggarden

    Thank you for the replies thus far. I'm rushing out the door now, but later today I will post the link to a few blogs whose pics appear the way I'd like mine to look.
    again, thanks for the replies thus far.

  7. @smallhousebiggarden
    Were you able to get your pictures to appear as you wanted them? Let me know if I can still help in some way.

  8. Yes, the Twenty-Eleven made such a difference, Im very pleased. The pictures are large and not truncated.

    I have another question;
    With 20-11, I try to add a new post on the second or third page, but it always reverts to the first page. I would like to be able to add posts to any of of my 3 pages.
    Thank you,

  9. Hi Jane, please post your question as a new post in the support forums. This will make sure that everyone's questions are seen and answered without getting mixed up. :)

  10. OK, will do.

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