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Image Won't Display

  1. All images that I post into my blog work fine, but I'm trying to add an image (to serve as a logo) on my about page, and nothing I do works. I've tried saving it as a number of formats, ultimately choosing JPEG since all my other images are. I realized the image I had up was 700kb, so I just optimized it down to 64kb, and it still only displays as text. I made sure to choose display as full size, and it links to nothing, but it still won't display right. This has been going on for over a week now. Any thoughts?

    FYI, here's the page I'm trying to get the image to load on...

  2. Do you mean the same symbol as your avatar? I see it fine.

  3. cincodemayo1, I see you image on your about page. It is the same picture as your avatar here and is about 4 or 5 times as large as your avatar on the first post.


  4. works as an avatar, but I'm trying to get a larger image of it to post above the "About" text...right now it shows up as WWFF, well at least on my end it does.

  5. Try clearing out your browser cache.

  6. guys are right. Weird though. In Firefox it doesn't show up, but in Safari it's fine. Maybe I need to clear my cache.

    Thanks guys.

  7. So I just tried clearing the cache (as well as cookies) and it's still WWFF. But it works fine in Safari and if it works for you guys then I guess it's ok. Just odd that I can't see it.

  8. One more update...

    So since I can't see the image (or adjust the size of it) in Firefox, I attempted to go adjust it in Safari. For some reason, Safari only displays the "code" tab, not the visual. Firefox shows both. I was attempting to drag the image to the size I want, but I can't seem to do that in either browser.

    Any ideas?

  9. Safari has issues with WYSIWYG in general, not just with the editor. It's not recommended for use.

    I still can't believe that Ben and Jerry's doing a Stephen Colbert icecream....

  10. Yeah, that Colbert ice cream is pretty damn funny.

    And I don't usually use Safari, but it's actually displaying the image that Firefox isn't. And apparently it's all my Firefoxes, cause I'm at work now (I was home yesterday) and it still doesn't show up. Weird.

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