Image/link description doesn’t appear when hovering over

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    I have added a description for links/images that I have in a text widget. I added the description by using the alt”” code, so that it appears when I hover over the link/image. I can see the description when viewing the blog in IE but somehow it doesn’t appear when viewing in Firefox. Do I need to use a different/additional code for firefox?



    They don’t display with FF. I assume they don’t play for the visually impaired in FF either, but I’m not certain.



    Is it because it is in the text widget? Because I use FF and they do display in posts.


    You need to add a title tag. Put it in the first section of your code string, and simply copy your alt tag text.

    Example: <src=…. alt=”hover-text-I-want-to-show” ….>



    Sheesh, how I hate this editor’s ability to rip out code.

    Try again:

    Example: [a title=”hover-text-I-want-to-show” href=”… ][src= … alt=”hover-text-I-want-to-show”…}

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