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    I am deeply confused with posting images. I am a wrestling writer and i write for multiple sites. I have my own wordpress site and i don’t post images because my last site i had on wordpress got deleted because one of my staff posted a picture from Google images.

    Now, on another wordpress site i write for, i am allowed to post any images from any site i feel. Why did my first site get deleted? And am i allowed to post any images on my site now?

    The images on the site are all edited and re uploaded to the internet.

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you read the Terms of Service section on copyright? See here >

    We cannot post images unless we have the prior permission of the copyright holder. If we breach copyright and Staff receives a DMCA take down notice they can request that your remove the image. They can also delete the images and if you have a blog with multiple stolen images then they can delete the blog.
    Reference links:

    If you require additional information it must come from Staff. This link will be reactivated 12PM UTC on Monday 25th July.



    Thanks i’m clearer now.

    But as i said, another site i just post columns on i’m allowed to get a photo from anywhere. I just don’t understand it.



    To add to what timethief said, no matter where your site is hosted, copyright laws are applicable. If you republish an image without the owner’s permission, they can file a DMCA complaint with your hosting provider.

    You can visit timethief’s website and find some resources containing free use images: (under images – “free sources”)

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