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  1. It usd to be that when i uploaded an image, whether it was in "tyhumnail", "medium" or whetever, readers could click on the small image to bring up the fullsize image. Now it seems that whetever size I upload it in, it is kind of stuck in....any ideas?

  2. The settings have changed - there are several threads about this. Go to Settings > Media > Default media links: select "File", click Save Changes. You will also find other new and useful options there.

  3. thanks, very kind

  4. Hope Staff get around to updating the various image uploading FAQs with the new info really soon, too.

  5. thank u 2 cuz i had a similar problem , my images stopped showin in google thannkkkks

  6. Oh man, I have spent a whole day trying to figure out what was going on!

    I have an art blog and it is important for my images to be viewed in large format.

    Thanks so much panaghiotisadam! you rock.


  7. You're welcome (but I'm not the one who found out about the changes: I just happened to be the one available to answer this thread).

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