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Images alignment

  1. I want to add photos to my blog "inside" the paragraph, not on a new line. Here is a photo of what I want:

    How can I do this in

  2. in the < img > html to display the image simply insert


    or obviously "right".

    I tried putting the html in the code tags but I screwed it up royally.

    Hope this helps.


  3. You can click on a image and then use the alignment buttons.

  4. Now that I didn't know! Thanks Matt :)

  5. the padding around inline-images is quiet tight though, how can I extend it to more than 2px?

  6. Well, I was going crazy trying to find those "alignment buttons": using Opera 8.52 there is no WYSIWYG editor at all! I just had to split to IE to find them. There is no hope to see it soon in Opera, too?


  7. I'd also like to know if there's a way to increase the padding around the images.

  8. I can't set the alignment of images on my posts correctly. When I say 'right' for instance, the image disappears altogether. What am I doing wrong?

  9. Pointing us to an example of this would be helpful as all we can do is making guesses without seeing what is occuring.

  10. I tried to have the image on my post align to the right of today's entry at When I click on it in my post and use the insert/edit image to set the alignment, when I click on insert, the image disappears from the post.

  11. This is a problem that I am having too. I can't show an example because the image no longer appears. The last time I was successfully able to adjust the position of an image was on 6 June. Has there been a software upgrade since then that may have caused the problem?

    The other thing I have noticed is that when I upload images now the 'Title' is no longer automatically filled in. Could this be related?

  12. Can you show an example of a post where the image is SUPPOSED to be, but isn't showing up? Also include the URL of the uploaded image, so we can locate it in the code of the post.

  13. Try the beginning of the 3rd paragraph.

    The two 'dots' seem to appear instead of the image.

  14. I'm not even seeing the dots. Send a feedback including that link so staff can look at it and see what's going on. There was some weirdness last night with images double posting, but I don't know if this is related.

    Have you tried going to Edit the image in the Upload area, and just taking the URL and inserting that into the Visual editor's Image icon? You can use it that way. Give it a shot and see if that's a workaround that fixes this, but send the feedback anyway.

  15. Will have a go. Here is the code that starts the para. I'm a complete techno-know-nowt when it comes to code. Can you see anything odd in there?

    <img border="0" align="left" width="1" src="" height="1" /><img border="0" align="left" width="1" src="" height="1" />We headed back to the apartments and picked up our luggage, which had been stored in a garage for the morning.

  16. Okay, those URLs are the problem. For whatever reason they're incomplete. They should end with .jpg or .gif or .whateverfiletype and they don't. If you know what kind of file they are, could you go into the code editor and try adding .whatever to the end of them, click Save and see what happens? I have no idea why the URL would be truncated like that.

  17. They do end with '.jpg' though.

  18. d'oh! For whatever reason I didn't see the bar at the bottom of the post. Sorry. Obviously need stronger tea.

    They're giving me a 404 error. Can you possibly change the names of the files on your compy, delete those ones in the upload, re-upload the renamed ones, and name them something else? Sometimes there are glitches in uploading that I do not understand; you DO have to rename them or it becomes a horrible mess, though. Try that. After that I'm out of ideas.

  19. Im still playing. It looks like its shrunk the size of the thumbnails. What should the default size be and how do i check my default isn't corrupt?

  20. Sorry, no idea. I absolutely never use thumbnails myself. I always grab the URL and stick that into the Image Icon popup and tweak the size there.

    But WordPress is unable to find the images at all, that's what the 404 means. As far as it's concerned, those images don't exist; that's why I suggest starting over. You can test it for yourself by taking the URL and sticking it in the URL bar at the top of your browser. Hit enter and what do you get? If it's a teeny tiny JPG, you should get an apparently blank page. If there's no file, you will get a 404.

  21. "Have you tried going to Edit the image in the Upload area, and just taking the URL and inserting that into the Visual editor's Image icon?"
    Thanks a million times! This worked for me!

  22. Great, glad to hear it.

  23. "Have you tried going to Edit the image in the Upload area, and just taking the URL and inserting that into the Visual editor's Image icon?
    Thanks a million times! This worked for me!"

    I have been having the exact same problem as jayfan for the past few days. I also tried raincoaster's work-around, and it worked for me. I wonder though if this is a widespread problem.

  24. Glad it worked. Now that I know it works, I'll recommend it more often and we can see how often that solves the problem.

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