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Images and Media Library

  1. If I remove an image from my media library, does it also get deleted from the post on which I pasted it? I've just gone through almost 3/4 of my library, deleting old images, and I see a lot of question mark boxes in place of them on my blog--but not all of them, which is why I cannot tell what's happening. Some that I deleted were removed and others weren't. I'm stopping this deletion process now!

    So I guess my question is, do I have to keep the Media Library intact forever?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. No image can be displayed on your blog unless it's in your Media Library.

  3. Well, that really sucks, now my blog is dotted with question marks instead of great imagery.

  4. Oops! Allow me to add that images you link to on third party site like Flickr will display but images you upload from your computer into the blog must be in the Media Libraray in order to be displayed.

  5. @marcys
    I don't know what prompted you to do this but I have been here for almost 6 years and the space I have used is next to nothing: 55.4 MB used, 2.9 GB (98.2%) upload space remaining.

  6. What prompted me? between gigs, I decided to clean up my blogs, and it seemed like a good idea to de-clutter. I'm trying not to be too upset; at least they're all old posts, and it won't happen from now on. Then again, people visit my old posts all the time. Maybe I'll fix the most popular at least.

  7. Hello again,
    Ah ... I see what happened now. You did not understand that an image has to be on a server to be displayed. I agree with your call on uploading the images again into your most popular posts.

  8. A lot of the images I use are hosted on third party sites such as Flickr or Windows Live. (more appropriately, Windows Dead) The same rule does apply however in that if you delete the image from wherever it's stored, it will no longer show on your posts.

  9. That's true. What's also true in my experience is that images on servers ie. those in my Media Library load faster than those from 3rd party image hosting sites and are less subject to being "unavailable" and no longer displaying due to server overload.

  10. Note on re-uploading your images ... I'll guess you are aware of this, but will post anyways for sake of just in case. As the images being re-uploaded will now have a new URL, you will have to edit the posts one by one, re-inserting the images as you go.
    I had a quick look :) You've quite a job ahead to get your images back to the posts.

  11. I started going thru the popular posts, but mostly I'm just erasing the question marks and leaving no picture in the spaces.

    I remembered I had an intelligent, sort of, reason for ddoing this: I thought with fewer images in the library I'd be able to find stuff easier, right now it's almost impossible and I sometimes upload things 2 or more times rather than try to find something. It was a good idea, but it isn't!

  12. Hello, im new to wordpress & would like to know whether my images will also be deleted from my post if I delete the pictures that I inserted into the post from media library? I've read the comments but I dont use 3rd party sites to post images & even though I've cleared my media library, some photos still appear while some are just question marks. Then when I refresh, some may appear & others become question marks. I really don't understand what is going on? Would really appreciate if someone could help. Thanks!

  13. Hello, im new to wordpress & would like to know whether my images will also be deleted from my post if I delete the pictures that I inserted into the post from media library?

    The answe is "yes". Consider tha every image has to be on a server somehere in order for it to be displayed when a browser requests it. When you upload images from your computer into your blog they are the servers and are found in your Media Libarary. If your images have been deleted from your Media Library they may display for awhile but not for long as they are no longer on servers.

  14. Let me continue by saying that if a image is in your Media Libaray (ie. on servers) and you choose to delete it from a post or a page it's still in the Media Library and still available for future use.

    But if you delete the image from both a post or page and from the Media Library too then in order to use it in another future post or page you will have to upload it again.

    P.S. I apologize for my typos in my first comment above.

  15. Alright, thank you very much! Really appreciate your prompt reply. (:

  16. You're welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

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