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Images and SEO concerning using galleries

  1. I am new to wordpress and have been doing a bunch of research on SEO. I am aware that it is good to use descriptive file names and alt text for your images in order to hopefully get better rankings.

    My question is does it make a difference in how well your images are indexed by search engines when pasting them directly into your post versus using a gallery to display them? I like galleries more because I think they look nice and I like the slideshow function.

    My concern, and maybe this is unfounded, is that using a gallery will force the search bots to crawl further to get to the file name and alt text information in order to index it and maybe thats not good. What got me thinking about this was that WordPress SEO by Yoast never realizes that I have galleries on these pages and in the "Page Analysis" tab it tells me I need to think about adding pictures to the page even though they are there, just in a gallery. It made me wonder if google and other search engines react differently to pictures being directly in the post vs. the pictures being in a gallery in the post.

    Any insight on this subject would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Before we answer that question, please give us the URL of your blog, starting with http, because we need to ascertain which version of the software you're using before answering.

  3. Actually, I guess its not technically a blog. It is a company website but we use wordpress for it. It is

  4. It is a WordPress.ORG site, not a WordPress.COM site, so you need to be over there for support in their forums. We wont' be able to help you with that.

  5. Oh ok. Sorry, thank you!

  6. Hello everyone,
    I'm trying to understand SEO, so I'm trying to use some keywords, tag and categories (not too many) in some post, but if I go in google for instance and try to search some of my recipes nothing appear, how can I improve the "rank", I mean how to have some of my recipe in the first o second page of google search?

    my blog is:

    Thank you in advance for your help :)

  7. @alifemoment SEO is very good. If you had two identical sites, one hosted here and one self-hosted using that same plugin, the site hosted here would have better SEO than the self-hosted site. has huge SEO and you get the benefit of that by having your site hosted on a "subdomain" here.
    Read: and please.


    It's of interest to note meta titles, meta descriptions and keyword metatags are not required for SEO purposes and Matt Cutts of Google has said that as far back as 2009. Search engines are focused on keywords in your content. What is important is keywords found in your content.

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