Images and text wrapping not appearing correctly

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    I’m having a huge problem with images in my posts.

    I am trying to post three pictures in a row (aligned right) with text on the left side of the photos. However, I can only enter text next to each picture and my paragraphs are breaking in the wrong spots next to the photos. Also, sometimes I can get things to look right in the text editor, but then when I publish, the photos and text are all over the place.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    The blog I need help with is



    I guess a better question is… after I place my photos, how can I get them to become stationary while I type text next to them. Without the text wrapping underneath my photos and without awkward breaks in my text?



    I have found the best thing to do it to write all the text first and the add the images in the appropriate places at the end. Once it is in there you can size the image and see how the text will wrap around the images in preview.
    Good luck!



    I will try that and see how it works. Thanks :)



    For more on this, please link to a post with the issue in question and tell us how exactly you’d like it to be.

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