Images appear very small in Gallery Format Posts (Selecta Theme) in main page

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    (Selecta Theme)

    Without any changes, all of the sudden, Gallery type Posts (slideshow format) show the images in a very very small size. This only happens in the main page. Once you click on the posts themselves, everything looks good, size wise. The issue is seen in FireFox, not in IE.

    As far as the NON “slideshow” type of galleries, the pictures are not shown at all. The issue is seen in both FireFox and IE.

    This was working fine a few days ago. Again no changes were made to any of the galleries nor the main page.

    Any insights would be really appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    For example look at Album 1 (non slideshow Gallery) and Album 2 (slide show Gallery) in the main page to observe the issue.
    Thanks again.



    Hi there,

    I forwarded the issue to the appropriate team. They will get back in touch with you here, once the problem is resolved. I’m sorry for the trouble.


    Thank you! Basically I would summarize it as the Gallery Format POSTS do not work any more in the Select Theme when they are shown in the main page (like one you press the numbered buttons that appear by the main page display area). The galleries work when clicked and shown individually in its own page.


    Anybody working on this yet? Thanks!

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