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    I am adding images to gallery posts, however they are sometimes appearing on the info tab of the post, not the gallery tab. On some gallery posts, some or all images have appeared on the gallery tab, or on both gallery and info – I don’t understant the inconsistency – what am I doing wrong?


    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve tagged this to ask to have this moved to the Themes forum where you hopefully will get some assistance from Staff.



    There’s definitely something odd with this theme, but without Staff assistance it won’t get solved. So I’m tagging this again for Staff assistance.

    Here is a good example of where not all the photos that appear in the Gallery appear on the Info tab.

    (Lovely photos by the way.)



    :-) Thanks! And thanks for helping.

    What’s more, what appears on the iPad version (which is based on the infp tab as far as can tell) and the standard site info tab version doesn’t seem to be the same thing, which add a dimension to my question.

    Many thanks for assisting.


    Howdy Adam. This has to do with the format that’s being used for each post. If you’re using Gallery as the post format for your post then there will be a tab that says “Gallery” and in that tab a 3-column gallery of images attached to your post. If you’re using any other post format then this won’t happen. The gallery will just show up in the “Info” tab if you’ve inserted it into your post content; otherwise it won’t show up. Cheers.

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