Images are linked from my old blog and images wont show up.

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    Hey i really need help with this i know i posted this allready but no one replyed. The problem is that My images are linked from my old blog and when i sign out my images wont show up on my blog. And when i press the home page it goes to my old blog.

    The blog I need help with is



    It appears your old blog is marked as private. That is the probable reason why the images linked from the old blog isn’t showing up.

    As for the home button on the navigation menu, go to Appearance -> Menus from your settings and update the Menu item. (Click the one that reads Home and enter the URL of your current blog).

    Then click Save changes.

    More information about Menus here:



    Hi jordan135gaming1,

    Have you tried uploading those images to your new blog? It would be better if you have those images in your Media Library of your current blog instead of being linked from your old blog.


    Hi there!

    I’m happy to help you out with this, however I’ll need to know which sites you’re have trouble with. Can you give me a couple of links?

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