images are not displaying correctly and I can't figure out the correct sizes

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    I am having issues with the sizing of media. After WordPress made an update…my blogs have gone bonkers I’m subscribed to one of the forums because it seems I am not the only one affected and have been reading all replies, however I don’t know what to do….please help.

    The blog I need help with is


    I have read about wordpress update and how to adjust images on media settings. All my images were originally medium 300-300 and I would simply adjust the size of the image in relation to the text on the edit panel. I’m not sure how to correct everything now.



    Hi Wilma,

    I’m very sorry about the image sizing issue. I can’t quite picture the end goal you’d like to get back to. If you click on an image in the editor, then click on the small picture icon that pops up, then “Advanced Image Settings”, you can change the image size. My suggestion is to enter either only the height or the width based on the value that you’d prefer and we’ll automatically set the other dimension to make the image proportional.

    If you could provide some additional information on what you’re seeking, I’m happy to help further as well.



    Hi thanks for your help. I followed your instructions and it worked. Once I figured out the size of one image in the page format, i guesses most of the time, I was able to compare the other images to that.
    It would be much easier if the preview looked more like the actual page.
    Especially when I’m only putting one value for the height or width on the image. The image on the preview remains distorted even after updating it.
    Another thing that is also hard to control, is leaving space in between images or paragraphs. When I update everything compresses. ( this has always happened…probably should be under another forum :) )
    I appreciate the help.



    Thanks Wilma for the suggestions and ideas.

    For preserving “extra” whitespace, in the visual editor, you can use the “Preformatted” style type and it will preserve it.

    While editing a post, if you only have one row of icons (bold, italic, link, etc), click the last one which adds “everything but the kitchen sink”.

    On the second row of options, the first one will default with Paragraph. You can change that to Preformatted and it’ll keep the line breaks and spacing as you enter it.

    Not quite the same, but our Poetry page includes a little more about formatting posts in specific ways:


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