Images are stretched when posted!!!!!

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    I’ve just recently begun blogging and I’m having trouble with stretched pictures!! Please help!!

    I’m using the theme Duster. When I post photos, they look fine on my computer- but when I or anyone else looks at the website on a different computer some of the images are severely stretched!

    Usually I upload several pictures into the gallery and then press “insert into post” with the option “Large” (1024 x 768)

    If anyone could tell me why and how to fix it I’d be really grateful!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not seeing that on any of your images. They all look just fine to me. Can you give us a specific example of a post with stretched-out images?

    Also, there’s no need to upload them full size like that. You’ve only got about 600 pixels width in that theme.


    Is there an issue with different browsers? I see them just fine too but when I used a different computer on two different occasions the photos were stretched. for this post especially.

    I really like big pictures. How is it that the photos are still appearing if the width is only 600 pixels?

    Thank you for the quick response!



    I’m using Chrome and the pictures are just fine for me.

    The photos will automatically be shrunk to the widest width that can be displayed. I don’t think that’s 1000px wide.



    Have you read both of the tutorials for Duster? I think you will find your answer in them.


    Well if it’s working for everyone else that’s great! I won’t worry about it any more. Thank you so much for all your quick help and the resources!

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