images are stretching when viewed on large monitor

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    i’m a total newbie. only 3 posts. i could use a little help with images!
    my images, when viewed on a larger monitor (2 people have reported this to me) are sometimes stretching so that my photos appear distorted. i’d like to resolve this quickly!

    i’ve tried looking through wp’s material, but can’t seem to figure out what i’m doing wrong.
    i’m wondering if the stretch has something to do with this:
    Link URL / Link Image to: – The URL/web address to which the image will be linked. Click the File URL button to link the image to its original, full-size version. Click the Post URL button to have the image linked to its attachment page.
    i have no idea what this {above} means! did i not link the image appropriately when i initially uploaded/inserted it???

    any advice will be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    I visited your site, but, with images that have captions, or adds, and words on them, I really don’t know what your desired result is…but they all look good on my computer. A lot of us are experiencing some issues after the staff changed the “Administrator Bar” night before last, but, I’m pretty sure it will all be worked out soon. As far as the:
    Link URL / Link Image to: – The URL/web address to which th etc…If you are using images from a photo-storage site like Photobucket, or flickr, I can maybe help you a little. What I do when I see an image I want to use I click on it…this will open it in it’s original size; Then I right click on it, and hit ( Copy Image Location) then I add it on my site where I want it. I go back then and click the name of whomever the image belongs to, and when it takes me to their latest activity, ( Image Site) I copy the URL( address in the browser box) ie ( then go back to my site, ( and there are many different ways to do this, depending on where you want it to be seen) I type the persons name or Photobucket, or the bottom of my post…highlite it, hit the (Link) spot on the editing bar, and post the URL into the box, this creates a link back to their photos….(Not sure if you meant newbie to WordPress or all things editing) Personally, I rarely type anything into the areas that ask all the Link to stuff…I just do the steps above, and if folks click onto (Info) for an image on my page it brings up my site URL and not the original place you found the image ie, Photobucket, Flickr etc…but I have their name displayed on the post, and a link back to them…as I said, ( which is common courtesy) Didn’t mean to write a book…you can visit my site and see what I am talking about, and leave a message there if you need help. Also: I have noticed…for whatever reason, when I load an image, or photo from MY OWN Camera, I can’t use the LARGE option because it DOES stretch the image, even on my site after I publish it…the Fullsize works fine, Medium, and small when available…but I can’t use the large…Okay, Nice poem, and nice site, hope to become blogger friends.


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    I’m not sure why your images appear to stretch on larger monitors, though it might be connected to the size of your uploaded images.

    I see that you are uploading very large files: for example your waffle iron picture is 1024px by 764px! The maximum image width on Chateau is only 531 px (with the sidebar option “on”). Not only are you using up your storage space, you are allowing wordpress to resize your pictures—something their software does not do very well.

    You should use an image editing program to re-size and compress your pictures for the internet. Your images should be compressed to no larger than 100k (preferably less than 50k) so they load more quickly. And they should be no wider than 531 px so they fit into your theme.

    Here is an article about image quality on WordPress:

    Here is a helpful article about the link options for images:


    paul, thank you for your comments. i’m going to remember your info re: loading/linking others’ images. what you mention at the end of your reply is my exact problem…loading my *own* images. i’m trying to go large…

    on that note…thank you 1tess. i will explore the articles/links you’ve listed above. hopefully it’s just a matter of re-sizing and compressing my images beforehand. i must admit i’m a bit clueless about all this. much to learn!

    thanks to both of you for taking the time to respond and help!


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    You are welcome.

    If you want, you can link your smaller images to larger full-sized images. (but they should still be compressed for the web) Upload two versions of an image: one to fit your theme, one in a larger size. Insert the smaller picture into your post. Then in the link url line, insert the http:// of the larger image, and in “advanced” click on “open in a new window.”

    If you use Chateau without the sidebar, then your images can be 790px wide. Or if you want to look at themes with wider formats, take a look here:


    i apologize for my ignorance on this subject…please forgive.

    i have let wordpress resize my photos for the meantime and hopefully that will stop the stretching that two friends have noticed.
    for the future, is there an image editing program that you would recommend?




    As Tess pointed out all images ought to be optimized and re-sized prior to uploading them into your blog. When you decrease the file size for images before you insert them into your blog, uploads and pages will load faster, you can fit more images into the same space, and using the correct tools means you will not compromise the quality of the image.

    There are several free image optimization and resizing programs bloggers can download and use locally Media Library » Image Optimization

    I can also suggest Ten Free Online Image Compression and Optimzation Programs you can use.


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    And of course there are Photoshop, Elements, and other such editing programs which you can purchase.


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    You know, we were all noobies in the not so distant past: with a little work, you will become familiar with the information you need to make your blog as great as you want it to be…

    No need to apologize for your inexperience with this platform…


    i can’t thank you all enough for your help … so prompt too!
    thank you, thank you, thank you!

    now i’m off to figure out this optimization business :)



    You’re welcome from me. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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