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Images are underlined in Firefox

  1. bongocelebrity

    I am not sure yet whether I like the new thing or not.I am still trying to understand it and get myself familiar with it.However,I can right away say that I don't like the colors on the front panel.Also I have already noticed that the images/photos comes up underlined(there is a line which separates text and image,very annoying to look at) especially when I use Firefox Mozilla.There is no such problem when I view it using IE.Any idea how to get rid of those lines?

  2. I don't have lines.

    I know that's not actually helpful, but I want you to see not everyone has that.

  3. bongocelebrity

    Thanks for the reply mikecane,
    Can you try to visit my blog at and see whether you can see those lines on your firefox mozilla browser or not?

  4. I see them only in these two posts:

    Hmmmm.... I wonder if this might help.

    Do Add Media, then Media Library, find the two photos and repost them -- but where it says Link URL, press the button for NONE to get rid of the link URL. This will mean the photos can't be clicked on. That seems to be the way you had past photos.

  5. bongocelebrity

    I am not sure if I understood what you said.Where is the NONE button?

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