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Images aren't uploading correctly, even when sized correctly

  1. spotofteadesigns

    my blog fits images as 500 pixels wide. so i always save my horizontal images that way. I just took some pics, resized them to my normal sizing and uploaded them to the media library. they uploaded fine.

    but when i go to insert them into a post, they are showing upas only 300 pixels wide (the medium and not full setting) even though full is chosen. in preview mode they are in fact showing as the 300 pixel wide setting. what's going on? i'm not sure why this is happening or how to fix it.

    i tried to manually change the image sizing once it's been added to the post by editing it's details but that is only stretching out the 300 pixel image to 500 pixels and making it blurry.

    i want my original 500 pixel upload to display correctly. did i miss an update about this? please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Check your settings here > Settings > Media
    See also the sticky post at the head of the forum >

  3. spotofteadesigns

    my media settings have a max of 1024 pixels each way. so there shouldn't be a reason why a 500 pixel width image isn't showing correctly. nothing on that link pertains to my question. can i get one on one assistance somehow?

  4. Can i get one on one assistance somehow?

    I tagged this thread for Staff. It's the weekend and I suggest you subscriber to the thread so you are notified when Staff respond.

  5. That being said I suggest you take note of this > Maximum displayed image width >

  6. P.S. I agree that there is a bug or a glitch of some kind that Staff need to fix.

  7. spotofteadesigns

    thanks for tagging this and trying to help timethief!

    i hope to hear from wordpress after the weekend.

  8. Hi there Spot,

    Could you link me to a post where you're having the issue so I can take a peek?


  9. same problem for me: I posted comments/questions in other thread about this issue: Pictures across different blogs and browsers not displaying properly

    But here, for this post, a link to a saved draft. Photos spread across the entire page width, no matter how sized/reduced

  10. Hi everyone,

    Could you let me know what browser and version you are using when you have this issue?


  11. eosresurfaces, I am the OP of the "Pictures across different blogs and browsers not displaying properly" thread
    it is a different issue, pictures either randomly become tiny or huge and sometimes look normal. It only happens until I press F5 and it started long before the changes to media handling.

    Now I am having the issue from this thread as well. I upload image that is 500 pixels wide but it uploads as 300 pixels wide. Here no amount of refreshing helps. Here is an example

    I am using Internet Explorer 9.

  12. We are currently investigating the issues with IE9 image sizing. You may want to use another browser in the meantime - we're sorry for the inconvenience.

  13. spotofteadesigns

    I was able to get around this issue in a not so quick but effective way. I clicked on media chose the pic, then went to the little drop down menu that shows the sizes and chose each one individually, ending with the one i wanted (full). Then i clicked insert and it accepted it as the full size i wanted. For some reason, if i didn't choose all the options, it would insert as the medium size even though it was showing full as chosen.

  14. Good to know. I will try it out in the next post. I used different browser like kathryinwp suggested and it worked. Thank you both for suggestions.

  15. The glitch when adding full-sized images in IE9 should now be fixed. If you still see anything amiss when you do that, please let me know. Thanks!

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