Images attached to blog post, stopped appearing when sharing on Facebook.

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    I was blogging fine for the past 10-15 days and all my posts appeared on my facebook page and twitter page showing the image attached in every post. TILL THREE DAYS AGO!!

    I tried to upload a new post on my blog and saw that no images are seen on my facebook linked page but only my blog main logo is shown on every post.

    Facebook page (Linked to my blog) :

    I didn’t make any kind of changes whatsoever on wordpress or facebook but now when i post something there is no image of the post shown … but only the blog logo.

    Please Help me on this.
    Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for all the reports on this issue. Our developers are aware of the problem and we will post updates on this thread:

    This duplicate thread will be closed.

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