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    I don’t know if it’s because I’m on a mobile connection but wordpress (via my laptop) is making all my images pixelated (my own or linked from elsewhere) unless they’re .PNG. Also the theme of my blog has gone all blocky too.

    .jpg upload has been fine up until now but for some reason they’re degrading extremely quickly.

    Also is there any way to subscribe to wp forums? These threads get lost really quickly and are hard to find otherwise.

    The blog I need help with is


    #1, go to settings > reading and set your blog to display only 3 or 5 posts per page. I’m on a wireless connection and it’s looking like I’m going to have to wait for another 5 minutes or so for your blog to load. You have WAY too many images in your posts to have the number of posts set so high.

    I’ll be back once your site has loaded. I hope you don’t run me over my bandwidth limit – seriously – I’m close.


    Many of the images you are posting are over 100 or 200k, which is going to slow page loading times considerably, and anytime you link to an image outside of wordpress, you end up relying on the browser to actually resize and render the image, rather than relying on wordpress (if you upload the images to wordpress). WordPress isn’t the best at resampling and resizing image which are uploaded to a blog, but they are way better at it than relying on a browser, which does not resample, only resize.

    Anytime you use hot link to images from other sites, you will have this problem, and on top of that, hot linking to images from other sites actually means you are stealing bandwidth from that other site. Some sites don’t mind that, but others do and they can get really irate about it.



    Sorry – I didn’t realise.

    Pushed the number of posts up to 18 when I started using the “more” button but kind of forgot about it.

    Didn’t realise about the load speed as I was on 20mb broadband. Though the bandwidth is a concern (especially when migrating to self hosting).

    Loads sufficiently fast over my phone’s connection but it is quickly eating bandwidth limit

    Put it back to the default.


    That will be better, especially if you continue to post so many images and vids.

    As far as the image quality on hot linked images, that is something you will have to live with unless you upload the images to your blog (and that brings in the whole copyright/usage issue).

    Wherever possible, I always suggest keeping images under 50k in file size, but given the number of images you are posting, I would actually take that number down to around 25-30k.



    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to make sure I manually run them through image compressor in future.

    They’re normally bundled in galleries unless I need to discuss each photo and explain individually.

    Oh, one last thing. Does the theme look blocky to you? There should be a smooth gradient and clear carbon fibre design but it’s blurry.

    Screenshot below in .png 350kb

    [man, it’s so easy to eat mobile data when tethered. I can’t imagine being stuck on 1gb. This has taught me to start using the “more button” again. Man, feel bad for the readers who aren’t on broadband]


    I’m not seeing any pixelation or blockiness like in the image you reference. That could be a browser setting, or perhaps you mobile service that is compressing images to lower bandwidth usage. You should check with your wireless company to see.


    I wish I could get broadband cable or DSL where I am in Hawaii, but all I can get do right now is the wireless through my cellphone provider. Convenient, yes, but very limiting.



    Thanks again! Glad to hear pixelation issue is not with the entire blog.

    It must be my mobile connection (which I’m not supposed to be using for broadband). Something wrong with our actual broadband which feels like dial up so using mobile broadband.

    Fingers crossed for the future of Cognitive Radio/Wimax everywhere to free up data streams and give fast wireless everywhere with UNLIMITED bandwidth. All these file sizes of pics and videos are going up but mobile connections aren’t keeping up. Worse, networks are limiting bandwidth allowances.

    Oh and the images aren’t hot linked as we are aware of bandwidth burden. As for content, I think the community in my niche are happy to share everything (relevant) as long as there’s traces of credit to original poster. Only thing “hot linked” per se is the videos as youtube/vimeo is only way to embed vids on default account.


    I’m on a 5GB bandwidth limit, and with all the software page upgrades, and the self-hosted wordpress release of 3.0, I’m over my allowance big time. At $0.05 per MB, I’ll probably end the month owing the provider near $50 extra (nearly the cost of my base data plan).


    Yeah, and Youtube and the other video services don’t care. Just keep an eye on the file sizes. In galleries it isn’t an issue since wordpress will create smaller thumbnails for that.


    Oh wow, yeah too many posts and pictures. Cut it down to maybe 5 posts per page. I have 26 posts on my front page but I have the Inuit Types theme where it only shows a preview. Maybe try that theme because people who have dial-up will leave your blog if it takes them too long to load your blog.

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