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Images border don't show

  1. After I put a picture on a post, and I insert a link in that picture, if I put Border 1(or more)the border just don't show.

    But if I put Border 1 in a image that doesn't have a link it shows normally.

    What can I do to have both border and a link at a picture?

  2. Can you link us to a specific post and image link please? I can't see a linking image.

  3. Oh, here:

    Those are all linking images, and I have put Border 1 in all the images, but it doesn't show.

  4. I can confirm this.

    The image there should have a border which doesn't show up in FF 2, Opera 9.2, Netscape 8.1.2 or IE7.

    <p align="center"><a title="Click for full size" href=""><img style="WIDTH: 320px; HEIGHT: 247px" alt="Flowers" hspace="0" src="" align="middle" border="8" /></a>

    [edit... code was created used BlogDesk]

  5. The border bit is there in the HTML. Strange...

  6. I didn't even notice until the OP said something.

    Is the HTML correct? I didn't hand code it... must stop being so lazy.

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