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Images Change Size Randomly

  1. Hi:

    I have noticed that on some of my posts the images change size unexpectedly. That is, I layout the post and publish it, and it looks the way it should. Then, a few weeks later, I happen to look at it again, and I find that one or more images are suddenly much increased in size, causing the layout to change.

    When I open the post in edit, the images appear to be the proper size. I have fixed it by simply cutting and pasting the images back in their proper places and saving it again, but who knows if it will happen again?

    Is there some way to prevent it in the first place/

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Would you please post into this thread for Staff assistance?

  3. Okay, Timethief. I re-posted on the other thread. I see that others have mentioned this issue.


  4. You're welcome.

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