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Images coming up small

  1. The pics I am adding to my blogs are showing up small like thumbnails. I need them large and stretchy. Please help...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They are supposed to come up as thumbnail when you use the gallery. They're bigger in size when you click on them.

  3. You can specify the size in the gallery shortcode as explained here: .

  4. Also, at medium most likely you will have to have the images 1 per row. Two of them would be too wide to fit side-by-side.

  5. I would like my images the same size as has them. I do not have '1 column' option so that is why they are showing up small and in 2 columns. This is so frustrating!

  6. They aren't using the gallery function. They are inserting those images one by one with a standard insert into their posts.

    The gallery is a very specific tool for inserting multiple images in a gridded group. Don't use it unless that is what you are wanting to do. Artists and photographers will use galleries to show thumbnails of a large number of images so that many can be placed on a page. Then the visitor can scan through them and any that interest them they can click on the thumbnail to see the larger version.

  7. See this support document on how to insert images into posts and set all the options.

  8. @pinkyspix
    You can specify the image size like this:
    <img src="" class="attachment-thumbnail" alt="Anthony" title="Anthony" width="150" height="102">
    Then choose your size by modifying the width and the height of the image.

  9. Width and height have to be adjusted by the exact same amount percentage wise or the image will distort. It is best to only specify a width and that way the height will adjust automatically.

    Better yet, just do it in the visual editor when inserting the images. The "full-sized" setting will make the image as wide as is possible for the content area of the theme that you are using. For smaller images, use the "medium" size which is typically around 300px wide. That is assuming that you would want to vary the image size such as that shown in your reference link.

  10. @pinkyspix: Gallery question also answered here:

    Please don't post the same question twice.

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