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    Well, that. Most of my images are deformed and it happens on IE (8, 9, all of them). Opera, Firefox, Chrome work well.

    Some help please
    happy new year

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve checked in Firefox, IE, and Chrome. The images look all the same. Hopefully you’ve resolved this issue or you were having a problem with IE which is beyond our ability to help. Thanks.


    @lorelle, there are some issues with image distortion in IE that can be fixed. I’m trying to find a related thread on that now.



    @thesacredpath, but the images are not distorted. Thanks for looking to ensure there is information for posterity. Thanks!


    @pglafoto, this is what I see for the image code for one of your images.

    <img alt="" src="" class="entry-image">

    This is what you would see when you insert an image using the wordpress insert media function, which adds a bunch of other stuff to make sure the images show correctly.

    <img width="545" height="408" alt="" src="" title="At the End of Day_Ku_emanu" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-887">

    I assume that you are not using the image insert function in the wordpress editor, is that correct? Perhaps you are writing the code by hand?


    I’ve cleaned the above code up a little for clarity.

    <img width="545" height="408" alt="" src="" title="" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-887">


    Let me give you an explanation of what is happening. When you insert an image using the wordpress insert media feature, wordpress will actually create a copy of the image sized for your theme’s maximum post/page width. It will also add additional stuff, such as the width and height and the CSS class that sets the style declarations for an image. This will produce the best quality image in your posts and pages.

    When you just insert the link/image code by hand, as it appears you have, then you end up relying on the browser to resize a much larger image to fit the available post/page space, and browsers are seriously lousy at resizing images since they do not resample the image, they just randomly toss out pixels to get the image down to the size required.

    As an experiment, do the following. Open one of your posts with an image in the editor, delete the image and then click on the “insert media icon above the main editor toolbar. At the top of the window that opens, click the “media library” tab, locate the image and click the “show” link to the right. Set the image alignment to “none” and then the image size to full-width and then below the “link URL field, click the “link to file” button and then click the “insert” button and save/update the post and then go to your site and view the post. I think you will find that the image is much higher quality than it was before.



    Maybe I didn’t explain the problem clearly.
    The problem with the images is that they appear stretched, but this occurs in the post “La Habana” starting from the second image below. This occurs only in the main page: “” where every post is showed, and not in “” which shows only the post with all images perfectly sized.
    Again, this happens only on IE.
    Finally I did use the wordpress insert media feature on every image.

    Hope you can help me.




    FORGET THE REPLY ABOVE. The problem was solved.
    Although the images were uploaded using the insert media feature, I had to do it again. But then one image appear above everything and the spaces between images where different…it was hard. Sometimes it is complicate to reorganize…WHY!!
    Last chance to wordpress.

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