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Images Disappear !!!

  1. rahulnever2far

    I have one image in almost in every post in my blog (Just Eminem... ) but today I don't know what happened but no one can see images in my blog (not even me)... I tried adding image in my latest post many times but its of no use.... still I can't see images...

    I noticed one more thing... when I add an image it shows HTML like this (I'm replcing '<' with '[' and '>' with ']')
    [a href=""][img src="" align="right" /][/a]

    And when I try to edit that post the HTML automatically changes into this...
    [a href="" target="_blank"][/a]

    Can somebody help me plz....

  2. It is happening to me, too! I send an email to Support about it just now, will share if I receive an answer.

  3. rahulnever2far

    I noticed one more thing that this happens with me only when I give links to the images...

  4. @myownbackyard, would help if you pointed at the issue instead of making us guess. That way we can help you. :)

    Hey, the html show up correctly here in IE6. They got hiddened in Netscape yesterday.

    You do know that those URLs get redirected, right?

    I'll bookmark this thread and come back to it later on today. Still plowing through emails.

  5. Hard to point at the issue when I don't know what the issue is! :) Sorry - I am your basic user out there who has no clue other than it doesn't work - all I can tell you is what I see. But I did receive an email back from Support this morning, stating that there was a problem with the images being copied to all of the WordPress servers, which was an internal problem that they were looking into. Hope this is helpful.

  6. Hard to point at the issue when I don't know what the issue is!


    You have pictures missing but you don't know which ones? And you can't point at them and say that they're missing?


    I think I'm going to take this weekend off...

  7. One of our Nashville folks has suddenly had all links and pics disappear from her blog too.

    She's swapped templates several times and still happening. She sees it and I see it.

    Mine's fine, for now.

  8. Remind me not to use the forums any more! Besides, if you re-read, I didn't ask for help. Enjoy your weekend off.

  9. @myownbackyard
    Thanks for sharing the information above. There are other bloggers having image problems too that may be related. :)

  10. rahulnever2far

    Thanks everyone for helping me...:) and myownbackyard, thanks for sharing the info here...:)

  11. My photos have finally reappeared (I didn't change anything, so it must indeed have been a WP problem) - I hope everyone else was having the same problem and that yours are now showing up as well. Good luck to you!

  12. @myownbackyard
    I'm glad you came back with your update. :)

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