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images disappear

  1. As my posts get older, the images included in the post are no longer visible..just a tiny strange thumbnail appears.
    What is happening?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I couldn't locate Archives on your blog. Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to one of your older posts so we can see what you mean?

  3. I am getting the same effect. In fact, a couple of days ago ALL images on my blog had become invisible. Then they seemed to come back. Now I am noticing it with older images. Example:–-acapulco/

    All you can see is the name of the image. Hmm.

  4. I forgot to add, scroll down to "the invisible bond", etc.

  5. I don't see any images at all in those posts. If you uploaded them from your computer into the posts, provided you did not delete them from your Media library, they ought to be displaying. Are they in your Media library? Or do you have them hosted on a third party site?

  6. Yes. They are most certainly in my media library. I can see them there if I go into edit image. But only then.

    This is precisely the problem. I am replying now quite a few hours after reporting the issue. It hasn't corrected itself. And dozens of posts are affected. With all browsers!

  7. Just want to report that there is no change. This is quite a serious issue. It's only odd that more people aren't reporting it. This could be because if it is affecting older images, people aren't noticing. Anyway, you can test the link. It has nothing to do with caches and cookies, though I have done all the usual things there.

    I guess this need need Staff attention. It's not total data loss, at least.

  8. Further update ... NO images are showing on my blog now (except those hosted elsewhere).

    Help!! Urgent attention by staff will be hugely appreciated. This has been happening on and off for 2 or 3 days now.

  9. I'm in the same boat...only some from May are left and one from April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All of my posts from September up until the last one left in April are affected..
    I'm becoming invisible.

  10. Where are you physically based? I am wondering whether this is an issue to do with certain networks. I am currently in Kuwait -- where WP is not normally blocked, by the way.

  11. @zannryo (@WP engineers) ... I may have resolved this. I am in Kuwait, where there is normally no WP issue. I have tried accessing my site indirectly via 2 London servers, and I get normal results. Some filter here is preventing images coming through, so I need to bypass local networks.

    I was having the same symptoms as you ... first older images, then newer.

    The bad news is that when I look at your site via this indirect route, your Invisible Bond images are still not there. Please post your outcome here. I want to know what happened!

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