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images disappeared from blog

  1. wendypollecoff

    I set up the blog - it has 60 entries. Last time I looked back in early December all was fine. Today I open it and NONE of the images are showing. HELP HELP HELP please!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of the blog starting with http:// ?

  3. Did you upload the missing images from your own computer to your Media Library ie. onto servers? If so, then are they in your Media Library?

    Or are the missing images hosted on another site?

  4. wendypollecoff

    Dear Timethief
    Thank you for replying. I think my http is
    I uploaded the images from my computer and they are in the Media Library but separated from the page, and there are 92 of them to reinsert, unless there is a simple way of reconnecting them.
    I have seen you reply elsewhere so may I ask you a few other things?
    Like how do I convert my blog now that I am happy with it from private to public? How do I link in other blogs/websites? Otherwise I think I got most of it working after a lot of effort! And I do love it!

  5. wendypollecoff

    Also I changed ISP provider - might that make a difference?

  6. wendypollecoff

    Dear Timethief
    Time has passed and I finally worked out that the header page set up was wrong and I have managed to fix that and the blog looks ok. Can you answered my other questions please; perhaps?! Thank you

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