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Images disappearing

  1. Images on some of my posts are disappearing. (Blog is Images were fine until this evening. I uploaded a new image and it would not appear. The caption would show up and it would have a link to the full-size image which showed up when you clicked on the link. This happens on both IE and Firefox.

    Now images from earlier posts are disappearing. Case in point: if you scroll down the main page of the blog, you'll see an entry for "How old is that tombstone?" The image for Charles and Susan Scott appeared when I published the post (and earlier this evening when I looked at it), but now it is gone. I did not delete it.

    Any ideas why (1) I cannot get new images to show up and (2) why images that were there previously are now disappearing? Thanks.

  2. accidentalsexiness

    Yeah something is going on with pictures tonight!

  3. Having the same problem ... decided to wait until tomorrow to post.

  4. Me as well, but only one image. I'd let staff know via the Dashboard and hopefully they can track down the problem.

  5. If you are having problems viewing images, please let us know the URL to the post where the images are located or send us a support request and we'll take a look. We've looked at a couple of the examples here and from the other thread and the images are loading fine so far.

  6. This has been happening to me as well, but when I click on where the image should be then it does appear in the full-size mode.

  7. The image problems should be resolved from last night. If you are still having problems, let us know.

  8. I'm also having the same problem. Yesterday everything was fine. Then one image disappeared. Then 2, then 3. All that's left are blank boxes with little red x's. I sent a support request, so hopefully we'll find out.

  9. I reposted images in my sidebar that disappeared (including parts of the code), yesterday.
    I thought this maybe a browser issue. I was using firefox 3.0

  10. I have no add media buttons evident as described in the "how to add an image" instructions. How do I make them appear?

  11. The website linked to your name is not a blog, and so you are in the wrong forum. You'll need to find a forum appropriate to the software you are using.

  12. mtdwvirus - It does seem to be working again. Yea!

  13. hesperianmankeli

    all of a sudden all pictures missing from the blog AND the media library. noticed just today. the browser (ff&IE) gets stuck trying to load the blog.

    any news on this one already?

  14. I am having a similar problem, image loaded ok when post made, could see image in edit mode, but no image on post on blog itself .

    Have deleted and left link, but not satisfactory.

    Other existing images appear OK at present.

    Have not been able to load a new image though

  15. Read the sticky at the top of the page

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