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images disappearing

  1. Hi all,
    searched this and other forums and just losing patience. Images in one of my blog posts are showing up and once the page is fully loaded they disappear! This happens only in IE8 and only in the latest post (Great Birmingham Run). Photos in other posts look just fine. Any ideas? All suggestions would be appreciated.

    blog address:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. (1) Are these missing images found in your Media Library ie. did you upload them from your computer onto servers? And, if so, then are they still in the Media Library? Please check.

    • Or are the missing images ones you have linked to on some other server somewhere else online such as flickr or photobucket that allow hotlinking?
    • Or are the missing images ones you have linked to on some other server somewhere else online that does not allow hotlinking?

    (2) For details about the options for uploading images see:

    (3) For troubleshooting images tips see >

    (4) If those do not help then please post the URLs starting with http://

  3. This happens only in IE8 and only in the latest post…

    I am not familiar with IE browsers but have read that there is something called "compatability mode" so perhaps this is the issue.

    Though why this would happen on only one post is a mystery. Are the photos in your gallery in that post larger than usual? Perhaps the loading of them is timing out?

  4. Thanks for your replies. The images are in media library, I even removed them and uploaded them again to make sure all is ok. As I mentioned, I don't understand this as other posts are fine, it's just this one that is causing problems.

    I have also tried downsizing the images and uploaded smaller versions - still the same.

    I have tried removed some of them from the library so that only 3 or 4 are there, still the same.

    I myself use Firefox but there are still plenty of people using IE8.

    I am puzzled, no ideas.

  5. Tried everything so according to Timethief advice no. 4 I am posting URLs:

    the post in which photos disappear:

    Some photos URLs:

  6. @lenspired
    Thanks for the URLs. I'm not witnessing any disappearing images. I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  7. Thanks for your quick reply. As mentioned before, this happens only in IE8.

  8. I apologize for not clearly stating that I do not witness any image disappearance using either:
    IE8 or Firefox 20.

  9. I see them all just fine too. Have you tried disabling IE's compatibility mode?

  10. This thread seems to be speaking about a similar problem I am having, but it's happening to an image from an old blog post.

    I reblogged a previous blog post from my own site about 10 months ago. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the main image at all for the entire ten month period. I scrolled down my site today and found that the image on the reblogged post was now distorted and grainy. How can that be since it's been perfectly clear for ten months?

    My site it: If you scroll down to the second blog post (reblogged) of Medea Benjamin you will see what I mean. As mentioned, the picture was perfectly clear for almost a year. (I'm currently using Firefox)

    Thanks for any assistance or advice you can give.

  11. @perribirney
    Your issue is not the same. You don't control the images in any reblogged post the blogger whose post they appear in does. Please click this link and start your own thread

  12. Thanks for your contribution. I tried turning off compatibility mode but it didn't help. It's strange - I can see them all fine until the page fully loads and then they disappear.

  13. I used both compatibility mode and no compatibility mode with IE8 and I did not experience any disappearing images.

  14. Have you tried with all of your browser's add-ons or extensions temporarily disabled?

  15. Ok. First let me highlight that I have been experiencing this problem on two different PCs with different operating systems in two different locations. I tried uploading the images again, creating different gallery and none of that helped however...

    I just removed the gallery and inserted it again but changed the image order and also noticed there was 1 line spacing between the text and the gallery so I removed that. Seems like they do not disappear anymore! :O

  16. Excellent, I'm glad something worked! :)

  17. Who would have thought hehe

  18. Wow! That's amazing.

  19. justice6supreme7

    Same thing seems to be happening on my blog.

    The images below the last post disappear (on Firefox) but in Chrome everything appears normal. Is this a Firefox issue? Of course when I clear cache and cookies they appear; however as soon as I refresh they disappear again.

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