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    I’m experincing some strange behavior. I was editing my latest post which includes several images linked from flickr and several images I uploaded to and link to. Everything was looking fine and I was making some edits using the WYSIWYG editor until I ran spell check and then all my images that were linked to WP.COM disappeared.

    I hunted for them and strangely they didn’t seem to be on wordpress any longer (but they HAD been showing up through several edits and saves). Typing in the URL for the image on WP.C resulted in a 404. After searching the fourms I found mention of turning of the rich text editor option, which completely illogically is not located in the Dashboard under Options/Writing like one might expect. Rather it is reached by going under Dashboard and then clicking on the link to “Update your Profile or change password”, or later I found by going Dashboard/Users/Your Profile. It’s a little check box hiding down at the bottom of the profile page. I assume this strange location (not under options) is due to the multi-user setup?

    Anyway, clicking it OFF did nothing to fix my image links. Clicking it back on seems to of somehow magically fixed the image links and they are now working again. Including the URL that came up 404. I did NOT re-upload any images, they just seem to have reappeared.

    This seems like strange bug behavior? Is it possible the spell checker messed things up, or are images randomly not being served? I typically link off Flickr for almost all my images so I’ve never run into this before. Is anyone else having image problems like this?



    The option for the editor is under Your Profile since blogs can have more than one author attached to them. It’s not attached to the blog itself since some folks like using it while others don’t. That’s why it’s under Your Profile so you can choose for yourself.

    Have you checked to see if maybe the spell checker modified the link in some way? Once the file is uploaded, it’s in there even if you don’t publish the Post. This is the method we’ve discussed in the past for using images in headers and sidebars.



    Thanks DrMike. I figured the location of the option had to do with the multi-user setup, just frustratingly difficult to find.

    Regarding the images, I feel bad. I think I made a stupid mistake and should not have eliminated it as a possible cause when I was trouble shooting.

    I uploaded the post originally with BlogDesk, then went into the online WYSIWYG editor on WP.C and the images appeared. I assumed BlogDesk had successfully and properly uploaded the photos since they were appearing. In hindsight it might have just been a cached image or something (unfortunately I don’t know now since it’s changed). I ended up re-uploading the images with the tool at the bottom of the WSIWYG editor and only then did the images show up in the “Browse” section.

    Hence I think the problem is with BlogDesk not uploading my photos. As I said I normally don’t upload my photos to WP.C and rather just link to them from Flikr so I haven’t run into this before.

    I’ll dig around in BlogDesk and see if it’s uploading the photos somewhere else? or not at all? Is there a good way to browse all the files associated with one’s entire blog? FTP access? or something like directory tree view where I could see if somehow BlogDesk is uploading to the wrong directory?



    You can browse all in your blog by visiting the Write Post page and clicking on the Browse All link within the image uploader.

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