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images disappearing from text widgets in sidebar - Regulus theme

  1. images disappearing from text widgets in sidebar - Regulus theme
    Ahh... here we are again, said she. Viewing my blog I was when suddenly one thumbnail sized image in a text widget (my avatar no less)just disappeared leaving behind only code. Quickly I looked down the sidebar and sure enough a second one (peregrin falcon) disappeared too. Oddly enough the same thing happened last night and I replaced them then. Even more odd is the fact that between the two widgets where images go missing is another text widget also with a thumbnail sized image (angel) that has never disappeared as the other two frequently do. Could it be that the one that remains is immune to intereference because it depicts an angelic messenger? Gosh I thought ptvGuy assured us that we had sprayed for them. Namaste
    P.S. This is not joke. This is a sincere report of actual happenings. The avatar and the peregrin falcon image are frequently disappearing so I'll replace them again tonight but I thought I should report this to you again.
    P.P.S. And 'no' I did not open the widgets they were in and forget to 'save'. In fact I never opened the widgets at all before this happened either last night or tonight.
    Hmmmmm the plot thickens...

  2. I see the images in your widgets. :)

    You changed your About Me picture.


  3. Yesterday evening again from the widget in my sidebar "weblog under construction" at the construction sign image just disappeared. The only difference between this disappearance and the others like is that I did not witness it. I have replaced it this morning. Interestingly enough the coyote and wolf image are not subject to disappearance. I think this is weird.

  4. It may have just been a burp in the internet. I see it alot when using my caption pictures at some fo the forums I visit. I would suggest doing a forced reload of the page and seeing if that helps.

  5. Thanks for responding. I did note your response yesterday but with the bump afoot I decided to wait until today to confess (1) I do not know what you mean by doing a forced reload of the page; (2) I'm afraid that your instructions to achieve this will be too diffcult for me to understand; and (3) When I don't accomplish computer gymnastics on the first go round I feel testy. So I'm steeling myself for the learning curve - go for it but also please remember that I'm a computer dummy [she whined].

  6. Forced Reload FAQ - Just do it on your site instead of your Write Post page. If you let me know your browser/ OS, I'll tell you how to clear your cache.

  7. os - windows xp
    browser - firefox latest update
    history set to zero (0) days
    if experiencing problems of any kind I use tools and clear the cache of personal data
    if problems persist I use control F5

    I would like to set my browser to prompt me and ask if I wish to clear personal data every time I close down firefox can you step my through doing that?

    it was set this way until the last update about a week ago but now it no longer prompts me and I don't know why it changed

    P.S. I'm not knowledgable enough to use the text rich editor I have it turned off.

  8. Here you go. I found this after I asked.

    Podz, you might want to add some of this detail to the FAQ.

  9. WOW! Thanks so much for this. I have bookmarked this link. It's the motherlode of browser information that I have been missing and that every "newbie" needs. I followed the instructions and now will be prompted once again so here's a X and a O. :-D

    Yes, Podz please include this in FAQ because it frequently comes up on the forum.

    However, it doesn't really address the issue drmike. You see I'm not convinced that this is a browser thing. Why? Because I asked my friend to check out the disappearance of the under construction image from the sidebar widget in the last time it happened and she saw the same very thing I did on her computer just a bit of code and no image.

    I'm keeping an eagle eye on it. Weird hhmmmm

  10. This list can kick off a new page.
    There is a danger that the FAQ becomes so large that we'll get people saying that they can't find things in it. There is also the fact that it is an FAQ.
    I know the FAQ isn't huge now but I think it's best to stay that way.

    I'll create a 'Useful Information' page there for just this sort of thing and start dropping things in there.

  11. Thanks so much for this initiative Podz. IMO bloggers working on this shared platform are bound to include "newbies" to computing as well as to blogging. In fact I'm not clear why anyone with the computing competance to operate through a webhosting service or off their own server would prefer to blog here. Thus I believe enhancing the blogging experience with useful related information is a worthwhile thing to do.:D

    As an experiment to test to see if this issue I'm having truly is browser related I put the avatar image of me which was subject to periodic disappearance back into the text widget on my blog at Now my browser is clearing every time I close firefox, I can watch and see if it remains visible or if it disappears after a few days as it has in the past.

  12. What the fluff? It disappeared. The web log under construction image in my sidebar at that we were discussing just disappeared, again.

    drmike and Podz I ask you to check this out tomorrow: How can this possibly be a browser issue? I have been off-line for hours and I just logged in again.

    Kill the &*^%$& widgets! (This last sentence is included just for comic relief.)

  13. Found it. You hit another typo. Sorry.

    Should be this:

    http: //

    You're pointing at this in the widget:
    http: //

    And that file does not exist in your space. Note the '1' in your file name.

    A space added of course after the colon. Be sure to remove it when you copy and paste. :)

    Hope this helps,

  14. This is a low priority support issue please do your other tickets first and then get back to it, okay? I removed the "1" it's the understanding part that I coming up well ... stupid on.

    [Sigh] How does a computer newbie like me express how inept they are in such matters? Where do I find the right words?

    I have the image in question on my own computer. I uploaded it into a post and "saved" but did not publish the post. I then rolled my mouse over it copied the code and pasted it into the widget. The image was there for a few days and then disappeared.

    I can tell from your instruction above how the code for the image must be expressed by omitting the "1". The thing is that I didn't supply any of the code including the "1", I just copied and pasted it into the widget.

    This being the case, then I don't understand why the image was there in the widget for all to see for several days, prior to disappearing, if the "1" shouldn't have been in the code in first place? Duh ... I'm embarrassed to say I just don't get it.

    Setting that aside, then does this mean I cannot trust the copy and paste technique and must actually learn something about coding?[she said with trepidation %{]

  15. Only thing I can think of is that you were actually seeing the image stored in your browser's cache for some reason. It's one of the reasons why I clear out my cache at the end of each day. (Well, I can't clear out my cache here. A reboot works just as well)

    Look at it this way. At least you know how to turn on a computer. You're doing better than my ex was when I first met her. :)

  16. I have worn the paint off the letters on my keyboard in just two years.:D I have taken all the microsoft tutorials and become proficient in the use of their office suite programs (word, excel, outlook, powerpoint, etc). So break it to me gently - how long did it take the ex to become a geek given your excellent hands on personal instruction? And is there any hope that I can actually become educated online, without going to college or hiring a tutor?

  17. Timethief, I gotta say that for a newbie, you've taken to blogging very well.

  18. Newbie?

    Two months makes her an old hat. :)

  19. Sheesh [she said turning very red]. I really am determined to learn how to be a competant blogger. And well, I'd love to wallow in this praise [really I truly would] but I've got a kick ass high impact aerobics class, and as I'm the primary ass kicker, I gotta go [she's smiling from ear to ear, clicking her heels and singing all the way to her car].

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