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Images displaying as HTML

  1. Hi there!
    I am having trouble getting images to display on my new posts:
    I copied and pasted HTML from Polyvore in order to displaya polyvore image on my blogand this is how it looks:

    A variation on a mantra Janice Clarfield taught us in her prenatal yoga traning:

    <img width=”400″ src=”” title=”Words to live by” height=”400″ border=”0″ />
    <small>Words to live by by Enef</small>

    (Janice uses Opening, Letting Go, but my OCD personality likes the symmetry of two words that end in ‘ing’.)

    This is a preview of a draft post.

    Then I tried to upload a PDF fromm my computer and this is how it is displaying:


    Yup: no actual image.


    Thanks in advance!

  2. Are you sure Polyvore allows hotlinking? Not all sites do. I don't see anything weird except I always put width AFTER the URL. Move it to beside Height and you might just fix it right there.

  3. - If all you want is the image, copy its URL (from "http" to "jpg") and paste it in the post or page editor (click the "Add an Image" button, click "From URL", etc.). You can include the legend in the "caption" option, or you can write it as plain text in the editor.

    - PDFs cannot be directly displayed: you can only have a LINK to your uploaded PDF. Make sure you click "File URL" before inserting it.

  4. Hi and thanks!
    The PDF thing helped, thanks!
    Still can't get other images to display, maybe I will upload them to Flickr and blog from there. By any means, right?


  5. @Nadine: There's no reason to upload your images outside your blog. This is the normal way (have you tried it?):

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