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Images displaying crooked

  1. I have been unable to search for previous topics regaring my problem.

    I have uploaded an image (jpg ) which is displaying crooked in the text body of my page/post.

    I have had success uploading -> send to editor clipart images, but am having problems with photos. I even deleted the image in question from the uploads manager, ensured the images was "square," in Photoshop, renamed it , and uploaded with these revisions and am stil having issues.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. It does not look "crooked" to me. It's aligned to the left and appears "normal". I'm using firefox to view your blog. Which browser and version of it are you using please?

  3. It looks fine to me also in Safari and Firefox on Mac.

  4. odd, the image on my screen of (the dog) is not square... The bottom right side of the image slightly (5% or so) higher than the bottom left.

  5. It looks fine to me in IE7 as well as in firefox 2.

  6. Internet Explorer 7.0.6000.16574

  7. Good to know it looks Ok for others, just wish it was WYSIWYG for myself.


  8. Confirmed - It looks fine.

  9. FWIW there is no "www" in your url and using it will only mean that some people on the net and some search engines may not locate your blog. The correct url is:

  10. In Flock, the thumbnail image within the post is square, but if I click the picture to go to the full size image, that is crooked.

    In Safari, both are crooked.

    Have you tried re-cropping the image so it's slightly smaller and see if that helps?

  11. /wave to wolifieb
    Using firefox 2 I just clicked on the thumbnail which does not appear to be crooked and went to the fullsize image. It does appear to be crooked

  12. This is the Cutline theme and there are special instructions for images

  13. I'm wondering if you were aware of these instructions and if you have been using them

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