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    On several my blogs, particularly on this page, I’m having issues with images not loading, and .gif’s not animating.

    On the link I gave, if you go down to the “awards” section, the images are not displaying, rather showing the text “Gold” “Silver” “Bronze”. This issue only appears to be happening with .gif files.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Remove the width and height definitions in the gifs and they should be fine.
    This is a problem several people have had recently.



    Working perfectly, thank you.



    How do you remove the width and height definitions?



    I did remove the size but then I lost control on the picture size (image truncated) and the speed. The gif was made using graphic converter



    jstackr; In Edit; Click on image and two boxes appear; Click on Left box; At the top, click on Advanced Settings; Scroll down to bottom; Halfway down you will see boxes with Ht and Width; Clear them; Save and Save on post.



    I’m a newbie, what could I have done that the images on my posts do not show.
    I changed my theme and am trying to edit the posts I made but the images just
    wouldn’t show.



    Thanks, already done.



    I have a brand new site/blog and have used CMS before.

    I have just tried to upload photos, and they appear ok in the Admin/page area, but on the live page they turn into shapes with grey diagonal lines like they are trying to load. I’ve followed the steps outlined above, but nothing changed.

    I’ve searched online and I just cannot work out why they won’t appear.

    I CHMOD the folder to 777 as suggested, but that didn’t change anything.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Very confused!



    Hi, the same problem here. Last week everything was ok, but now every picture or gif (except the one in the header) is the gray ‘loading.gif’.
    Only for a second i can see the picture, and than it vanishes.

    My blog is at

    I updated some plugins, is it possible that is has anything to do with it?

    @wpwebgirlie: did you do any plugin-update / did you resolve you’re problem?


    @ruudh: You’re in the wrong forum – see the Stickies up top.



    Hi, I have apage on my blog forpictures that I have up loaded from my computer onto the page. I should have about twenty pictures on the page but I’m only seeing the most recent 5 or so.

    It is the Page 2 picture page in the right margin.

    I don’t know if it’s my slow connection or maybe I need to resize the photes to be smaller.
    Maybe they are showing for everyone else and I’m just not seeing them due to my dialup connection.

    Thank you for advice and help.


    I checked the source-code of that page, and I don’t know how you managed to do that, but you’ve got four non-working links to a picture of you with a dog, then the code for the five pictures we can see, and no trace of other pictures. I suggest you delete the page and redo it.



    I will take your advice and redo the page. I thank you very much for the sound advice.
    Thanks again! Ozy



    Oke, i resolved the problem.

    It was caused by wordpress 2.8.4 in combination with the events calender beta 6.6 as a side-widget.

    The solution from is:
    On line 309 in “events-calendar/ec_js.class.php” :

    jQuery(”img”).attr(”src”, arguments[i]);

    jQuery(”img#EC_loadingPane”).attr(”src”, arguments[i]);

    Corrects the problem.


    @ruudh: You’re in the wrong forum – see the Stickies up top.



    ruudh, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! It’s not very likely that I would have made that connection anytime soon. After spending over an hour searching on my own there’s no telling as to how many more hours you just saved.



    @ruudh this broke the calendar widget

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