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    Hi there.

    I have a problem regarding a change of my theme on my blog. I used to put little images (e.g. country-flags) into my texts on my current theme “Freshy”

    Thats how it correctly looks like:

    Now i tried switching to another theme “Monochrome” and i experienced problems with those flags. It looks like the theme does put boxes around every image that you insert. Example:

    Now i did manage to get rid of those boxes by putting “background:none; border:none;” into the style command line on the image properties.

    But my problem still is, that the images are higher than the text, although i put the align to none. T
    Is there any chance to get this working with another style command or anything else? I’m not really into that html thingy and i dont have access to the Custom CSS Upgrade.

    Appreciate your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Is there an example on your blog that I can look at? Monochrome probably has some margin or padding set in the CSS that Freshy does not, and I can tell you what to add to the style command to override that if I can see it.


    I switched one of my test blogs over and figured out the code. This is what to enter into the style field for your inline images:




    Worked, thanks a lot ;)


    You are welcome, and the good news is that nothing in that code should cause alignment issues in any other themes.

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