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Images don't work in all browsers?

  1. If I load images when I'm in Firefox, I notice they don't show up when I'm using Safari. Maybe it's because with Firefox, the image appears in the edit box, but Safari enters code.
    I find it much easier to write posts and add images in Firefox, but does this problem mean I have to use Safari if I want the pictures to show up in all programs?

  2. Unfortunately Safari doesn't work well with WordPress; it doesn't allow some of the fundamental stuff that WordPress relies on. The problem I would guess is not with posting in Firefox: the problem is in viewing with Safari.

    However, there's also been an error with uploads recently; I only use FF now, but I had an image upload normally, I thought, but when I looked at the post, all there was was the name of the image, not the picture. I edited it, took the picture out, published it, edited it and put the picture back in and that seems to have fixed things. So it could well be this error, and not browser-dependent at all. Try that and then look at the blog in Safari and see what happens.

  3. If the problem is viewing in Safari, then anyone who uses Safari won't see the images (they show up as question marks). And how do I know it doesn't happen with other browsers?

    I also have had some uploading problems, with FF, lately. It's good to know it's not just me.

  4. I have had no problems at all uploading using firefox If you want to see what your blog looks like in different browsers this may be a helpful link

  5. Marcys, can you please point to a specific image that isn't showing up correctly on your blog? Without seeing what is occuring, we can't give you and advice or suggestions.

  6. Okay. In a post Musical Musings:
    a few album covers don't show up in safari: the Rolling Stones and Jackie Wilson are some specifics. And yet others are showing up--I just realized how wierd this is, since I posted the whole thing in Firefox.

  7. Using the link provided and firefox I do not see album covers for either the Stones or Jackie Wilson. I see a thumbnail for Dylan's at the beginning of the post and Joni's album at the end of it.

  8. duplicate post removed by author

  9. Hm. That's what happens to me in Safari, but not in Firefox. I'm going to go try FF again now.

  10. Well, I have FF and can see the Stones and Jackie Wilson album covers. Any ideas as to what this is about?

  11. I'm having the same issue with this post:

    When I look at it with Firefox, Explorer, or Netscape, the image shows up. With Safari I only see a "?" (The code includes alt text, but even that doesn't show up.)

    The image was uploaded in Explorer, if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for any brainstorms, all!

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