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    Okay… I had a blog running on WordPress for a while, it had some pictures, some clips from Blip and Youtube referenced. I had PDFs available too.

    Then I got a domain and installed wordpress on it

    My blogging software MacJournal found the new blog, and uploaded the posts BAR any attached images.

    I looked in the contol panel and found wp-content/uploads listed as the uploads folder.
    I created the uploads folder in my wp-content folder. I gave it permissions of 666

    If I try to post via MacJournal I get an error that it can’t upload the image but it can upload the text.
    If I try to post via the WP form, it says that it can’t create the relevant folders within the uploads folder.

    Anybody got an idea of what’s wrong here?

    Is there a step by step guide to images etc in WP?

    Relative newcomer to WP so appreciate any help.



    You actually need to be over on the other site as you’re using different software than we do here at

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