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    Today I wrote a new post and uploaded 6 images in it.

    Unfortunately, these images had the same names as some previously uploaded images – this is because they are from my phone, which always calls pictures Img0001.jpg, Img0002.jpg etc.

    Previously this has never been a problem for me – although I’ve often uploaded picture from my phone, wordpress seems to “know” the difference between the files, and allow me to use any of them from the “browse images” file.

    But this time its caused a problem: Any picture which were in previous posts from a long time ago where the picture had that same name: img0001.jpg are now displaying the images from today.

    Sorry if this issue has been raised already – a quick search I couldn’t find it / it seems different to the other recent image problems.

    Sorry if I should be raising this as “feedback” instead – if someone could point me to “feedback” button – I can’t find such a button on my dashboard menu.





    PS I am currently searching through my PC harddisk for the old pictures, and am going to upload them with new, hopefully unique, names, and re-insert them in the corresponding posts.

    So hopefully, soon, the problem will no longer be illustrated on my blog.

    This problem will impact on some people, either those like me who uploaded photos from a device which frequently reuses same names, or from those who have many pictures with the same human-chosen names Dave.jpg etc. It presumably doesn’t impact on people whose images from all posts all have unique names.



    When you upload an image that has the same name as an image that was already uploaded, WordPress should automatically rename that new image by appending an number on the end. I have seen this in action many times so I know it works. The only way you should be able to upload an image with the same exact name is if you delete the old image first. If this is not the case, I would suggest contacting support and sending in all the details so we can look at it.



    Thanks for your advice Barry. Yes, its exactly that which didn’t happen so I’ll contact support when they open. For me, I’ve “fixed” the effect by deleting the photos, making unique names and re-uploading. So my blog looks nice again. (Love wordpress, I only expect it to be clever all the time because it usually is :-) )



    I have a problem related to that.
    If I want to change a picture, I completely delete the old one and then reload the new one. Both have the same file name, and what happens is that I always get the first picture. It should be overwritten and it’s not…



    I have never had an image behave as Barry has described above ie. being overwritten. On my blogs it’s necessary for me to rename a replacement image if I do not want the first image to be displayed.



    i second what timethief says; the renaming is necessary in my experience. I have also never seen wordpress append numbers to duplicate filenames.

    When uploading a new version of an image, give it a new filename.
    When uploading a new image with the same filename as an old image, give it a new filename.



    I’m having the same problem as luckyblog. At the same time, I’m just as surprised as barry that this is happening; this was never a problem in previous versions of WordPress. It’s a terrible bug, silently corrupting blog data. Has anyone seen a resolution, yet?




    Has anyone seen a resolution, yet?

    I’m not aware of any “resolution “. As I recount above and as judy confirms what we experience is that the file renaming is necessary.

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