Images from Media Library not showing up on site after upgrade

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    I am having a problem with the images on my website,

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    Before I start, I’ll admit that I don’t know much about how WordPress works. A friend set the site up for me. All I do is write articles and upload content. The site was hacked a few days ago and a weird message started appearing at the top of all pages. The guy who set the site up for me had a look at it, apparently I hadn’t upgraded in ages and was still using WordPress 2.8, apparently this left my site vulnerable to hacking and somebody got in but luckily wasn’t able to do any damage.

    My friend upgraded me to the latest version and upgraded all my plugins that were out of date. He then backed up my database and re-installed WordPress plus the database. He could not save my theme which I had modified but downloaded a copy of the original version which I then had to remake all the changes I’d made, which took about an hour but once it was done I thought I was in the clear.

    However, it turns out that all of my 700+ images from the last year and a half have now vanished as they are no longer appearing on the site. But the strange thing is, the images still appear on Google images search with my website address underneath, and the filenames also appear in the Media Library but the thumbnails are not showing up. When I click on “edit” all of the dimensions of the image are displayed as well as the date I originally uploaded them but I cannot see the image. However according to the Media Library the files are there and this is confirmed when searching for specific images from my site on Google. So how do I get them back??

    It seems like this problem only started occurring after WordPress was upgraded, so I’m thinking it might be a problem with the new WP. If anybody could help me with this I would be extremely grateful, some of the photos held great sentimental value for me.



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