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Images getting corrupted

  1. From time to time, I find out that an older, posted image has got corrupted so I have to re-upload it.

    In the last few months, the frequency of the problem has increased. There has been at least 3-4 instances of suddenly corrupted pictures, and not only images uploaded long time ago. I do not see any reason for this?

    Additional trouble occurs when desiring to delete the corrupted photos from the database. The WP manage-uploads interface is very user-unfriendly when it comes to deleting old photos. If they are situated somewhere in the middle of the upload base it is necessary to browse through a lot of uploads to just delete one image --- and once the upload is deleted, if I want to delete one of its neighbours, the browsing-through-all-uploads process starts all over again. However, I have discussed this problem before and this post is about the corruption of photos.

    Anyone knows what causes images to corrupt and how it can be avoided?

  2. It's probably related to the ongoing issue with missing images. There's a number of threads on the subject. Best bet would be to submit a feedback and point this out to staff with specifics so that someone can review the situation.

  3. Admin/moderator if you see this post it would be great if you would correct the title spelling error :-)

  4. Fixed. You'll note that spelling doesn't count much around here. Some of the folks who spend time here have physical issues working their keyboards.

  5. Aha... Thank you for the info. Yes I have actually experienced a few missing pictures as well but I though it was my mistake. I do not have spec. as I have deleted the corr. images. Only my profile image, it seems that one has gotten corrupt now :-)



  6. Thanks! very nice.

  7. If you're talking about your avatar, I could have sworn it was like that from day 1. I remember wondering about it.

  8. Strange... to me it looked good up till now (I am not talking about the motive).

  9. You are replying very fast, that is why some of my answers are a bit delayed :-)

    Thanks dr. Mike.

  10. Regarding the avatar, I did not mean the thumbnail besides the posts but the bigger profile avatar in the upper corner. With corrupted ~ not blurry only (that is the way it is) but blurry with characteristic rectangular pixels, like an extremely low solution digital photo.

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