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Images - how to link thumbnails to full size originals

  1. Is it possible on my blog to post a thumbnail image, which, when people click on, it takes them to a new tab with the full size image? sorry if this seems basic.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is this the blog you are talking about ?

    When you insert an image, but before pressing "insert into post" click the "file URL button and the image will be linked to the full-sized image.

  3. Actually, tsp, you have to click the thumbnail radio button too.

  4. Well, yes that is true, but I assumed they would know that. Now what was that saying about assuming?


  5. Yes tsp, that is the blog i need help with! Thank you both for your help, but where is the thumbnail radio button?

  6. In the image uploader.

    (Oh my! Lots of new image related Support Docs, including one on Gallery.)

  7. @yarnaholic: Yours remains better.

  8. Thank you both!

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