Images Imported From Blogger Blog Not Displaying at Full Size

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    I created this wordpress blog since I wanted to migrate my blogger blog ( over to WordPress. (Actually I wanted to migrate it to as hosted on and the Blogger Import function does not work at all…whole ‘nother can of worms.) So the workaround for that was to create a blog, import from Blogger to, then download the WordPress XML file, and upload it to the site.

    So that’s what I tried. In this blog I used the Import plugin and imported straight from my Blogger blog. (I couldn’t convert the blog from Blogger to WordPress using the Blogger2Wordpress application online since the file is 20.7 MB…and the application doesn’t seem to work in Firefox or Safari. So I’m stuck with direct import.)

    HOWEVER, upon importing to I found all of my 3000 images on my blog that were originally sized at 600px wide…were resized in to 300px wide (in fact, WordPress appended all my images larger than 300px except for two images [why two???] with a ?w=300 at the end of the filename.

    I’ve tried changing the settings in the Media section to Medium images at 600px, but at this point it doesn’t do any good.

    So what to do? How can I recover all of these images? I can’t possibly manually resize them all.

    And when I import from to, of course the resized tiny images are what have imported.

    Please, if anyone can help….
    I’m tearing my hair out and most anything would be appreciated!

    Original Blogspot blog at:
    Importing to:

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry; I didn’t complete the links above…

    Original Blog: Chic Steals on Blogger

    Importing to: Chic Steals on WordPress

    Thank you so much!

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