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    After repeatedly trying unsuccessfully to embed an image in a comment, I finally found somewhere in these forums that it cannot be done. It’s not an urgent question, but could someone explain why we can (or are allowed to) include links and videos in comments, but not simple images?

    I just added a comment to my last post, where including the two images I was talking about would have been far more effective than just links to them.

    The blog I need help with is


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    You can post pictures in comments on your own blog. Just use regular image code to put a picture into the comment box. If someone else links to a photo, you can use code to place the picture in their comment as well.

    As for why, I’m guessing that the shortcode for videos limits the size, whereas photo files can be huge!

    There is also the issue of storage: photos are usually stored in your media library. You are limited to 3GB. If someone else adds a photo it would be hotlinked and could cause some very slow loading.



    Thanks!!! Can’t imagine what I was doing wrong the last time, but this time the images showed up exactly as expected.

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