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    Well aware there will be a simple explanation, but not knowing what that is, I’d like to be able NOT to duplicate images in my Gallery.
    How do I ensure this, please?

    The blog I need help with is



    Please give us a direct link to where you see this happening.


    Bugger me! – I used the wrong word: I meant ‘Library’.
    Deepest apologies.
    You can see the duplication I’m referring to there, in the two latest items.
    What I did was this: I imported an image into my Library, and then I went to Appearance -> Header and inserted it as being in said Library.
    After which there were the two files. And this has happened every time; so I’m obviously doing something halfwitted.



    As a forum volunteer, I am unable to access your Dashboard>Media Library, so can’t see anything. If you would like to take a screenshot, upload it to your Media Library and then post the link here, that would be helpful.

    If you had to crop the image you used as a header, that might be the reason, but again, I cannot tell without seeing what it is I’m supposed to be seeing. :)


    Further apologies: it never occurs to me to check to see if someone offering to help is a staff person or not. This originates from my lack of being able to believe that anyone (a) is sufficiently interested who isn’t, and (b) has the knowledge.
    I am a person of limited thinking, you see.



    I have seen thumbnail versions of uploaded pictures created – is that what you are seeing?



    @margaretrosestringer – No worries. You can differentiate between Staff and everyone else by the fact that Staff has a gray box around their gravatar and the word “Staff” instead of “Member” under their username.

    On my test site using “Forever” it appears that when you upload your header image, if you crop the original image it creates 2 images in the Media Library. Using another theme and doing the same procedure, this did not happen to me.

    No harm done. If you don’t want both in your Media Library, you can delete the original image you uploaded.


    ‘Morning, yachtie! – nup. It’s a second version of the uploaded image.
    JJ – I don’t crop. I create any banner heading to exactly the size required. Imo this duplication must have something to do with either uploading the image first to thr blog files on my computer and then uploading to the Gallery from there. I’ll replicate this on my trial site and see what happens if I upload directly to the Gallery.
    Yesyes, I know that sounds ridiculous. Sometimes these weird things have ridiculous origins, doncha think?
    I’ve been deleting the duplicate for yonks, and had hoped not to have to do it any more.
    Such is life, as our most famous Aussie was reported to’ve said before they pulled the lever …

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