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Images in library/site stopped working

  1. I just signed up, upgraded, and built a new website with wordpress. Everything looked great last night and this morning. Now suddenly banners, background images, and other images are loading as just white or with errors. Even in the library, about half the images work, the other half are just white squares. I've tried several computers now and they are all doing it. Again, it looked great this morning. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Let me guess: you're in the UK.

    It seems that UK ISPs are blocking certain servers, for hosting pirate sites or streaming sites illegally. Unfortunately, it appears that is caught in the crossfire. The staff are trying to sort this out.

  3. No :-( I'm in Texas, US. Is this effecting all sites?

  4. I've seen some scattered reports. The image servers might be in the UK, or the route might go through the UK. Or it could be a separate issue altogether. Perhaps staff identified which servers are blocked by the UK and are moving things off those to other ones? Then there'd be a temporary outage while the servers switched over.

    The good news is: I'm in Canada and can see all your images. Perhaps it's an ISP issue, perhaps it's a server issue. But staff are working on it.

  5. tagnotowasteplant

    Ah, I'm in the UK and have had great difficulty accessing my site. Keeps saying 'page will not display'. Hope you can sort it out soon ! Thanks.

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