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    I’m trying to confirm my suspicions, but there isn’t a way to control which pictures get used by the header in Modularity is there? This theme is rad, but useless to me if I can’t choose which pictures go up top.

    The blog I need help with is


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    @ eppohk,
    The site linked to your name is using Cutline. Are you asking about a different blog? If so, please provide a link.

    Here is an excellent article about Modularity ( only)



    Yeah, I’m using Cutline. I’d like to switch to Modularity, but I can’t if I can’t control what images go to the header.


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    It seems you and I are not defining the “header” image ing the same way.

    You choose the header image:

    [**] The header image is 950×200 pixels. But thanks to the “Welcome message” option, you needn’t be confined to that height. You can create a a 950px wide image, upload it via Media > Add New, copy its URL, then go to Appearance > Theme Options and put the image in the “Welcome Message Content” box this way:
    <img style="margin-left:-.75em;" src="IMAGE URL HERE" />
    (Drawback: will show up on blog front only.)

    Or are you wondering about the slideshow that shows up top?:

    Unique features:
    • Optional slideshow on blog front. [*] Displays images from your front-page posts, at 950×425 pixels. (If you use the feature, make sure your images are in those dimensions, otherwise they’ll be distorted or cropped. Note that you needn’t concern yourself with all the images you upload and/or insert into each post: <strong>the slideshow takes the first image you upload</strong> via the “Add an image” button of the post editor.)


    Ah yes. I do mean slideshow.

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