images in my widgets overlay my background image, I want my text to do that too

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    one of the widgets I have is the “Image,” its the first widget displayed on the top right. Those images of my studio overlay my background image of the sneakers hanging from the wires. I feel like that same background image of the streetlight and sneakers interferes with my text, I want to make my text overlay the background image the same way my pics of my studio do. Can you help???



    The blog I need help with is



    can I use the z-index command to give my text priority and make it overlay my background image?


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    Please post this link whenever you ask a question here!
    Especially in this case, we volunteers need to look at your site. I was bored and did some detective work, but we volunteers do not always go in search of your blog.

    Or link your blog to your name. Item 2 here:


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    Ok, that said, it appears that your text already has priority over your background image. See in this title: “Best NYC street art stunt of the year” the word ‘stunt’ appears on top of the streetlight. So I’m thinking that z-index is not going to help.

    I don’t really know much about CSS, but using basic html in posts or textwidgets, adding a background color to text covers the background image, similar to the way your images do. As a rectangular thing-y. (sorry, don’t know the word)

    The background is either transparent or opaque: the background behind text can’t be translucent so the image would be only partially colored.

    But as I said, I don’t know much about CSS…

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