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images in one row?

  1. I am using for hosting my images. Gigafiles creates thumbnails and linked URLS. The only problem is when I put in the html code in WP it shows the pictures in one single row.
    I have spend some time searching the forum but I cannot find any answer to my problem.
    This is how gigafiles displays the code:
    <br /> <a href="" title="00023.jpg"><br /> <img src="" alt="00023.jpg" /><br /> </a><br /> <a href="" title="00019.jpg"><br /> <img src="" alt="00019.jpg" /><br /> </a><br />

    Can someone help me out and tell me how to do this?

  2. You need to put a carriage return between each image.
    At the end of the /> press Return for each one.
    Try that?

  3. Thanks.. But no luck!
    WP just corrects the code to:
    <br /> <a href="" title="00001.jpg"><br /> <img src="" style="display: inline" alt="00001.jpg" /></a><br /> <a href="" title="00002.jpg"><br /> <img src="" style="display: inline" alt="00002.jpg" /></a><br />
    Unfortunately it makes no difference..?!

  4. If you put them in a post and put the post address here?
    I can take a look then.

  5. Here you go:

    The page is in danish. So do not bother to understand ;)


  6. You meant 1 row?
    I moved 2 images that you can see. If that is what you want I took all the carriage returns out. You can see by checking the Code tab.
    Is that okay?

  7. That did it!

    Thank you very much Mark :)

    Have a nice holiday!

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