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images in portfolio widget section not showing up

  1. Hi. I'm helping someone with her web site and she is using a Premium theme, Minimum Child. I realize they have their own support but she does not remember getting info on how to access this and no one has responded to my email there to gain access so maybe you can help. I hope!

    The theme has a Portfolio section (looks like this optimally: I have followed the instructions on WordPress for installing the Image Widget in the Portfolio Widget section adding the file URL from the Media Library but nothing is showing up. I then tried pasting the photo HTML in the footer widget and that did show up but that's not really how she wants it to look. I suppose I could do thumbnails and see how those look but it should really be higher up which is where the Portfolio Widget section is supposed to be.

    Any ideas? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sorry this is the actual link to how the images should look in the Portfolio widget section: (when I clicked the above the wrong link came up for some reason, posting again.)

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