Images in post do not look proportional

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    When I open my blog on my laptop, the images do not look proportional. They are vertically elongated or stretched. When I’m on the desktop everything is perfect. Why is this?? Does anybody else see this when they look at my page???


    *(I’m using the Bueno theme)

    The blog I need help with is



    If you do not choose to optimize and presize each and every image to fit the blogging spave or sidebar space, prior to uploading them, and you choose to rely on the cropper then image quality will be lost. There will be stretching or scrunching ie. distortion.
    Maximum displayed image width
    Sidebar width



    Uh-oh! I usually don’t resize my images because I want readers to be able to enlarge them by clicking on them to see details—mine is a textile craft how-to blog and many readers might want to see details of the weave structure of items in the photos…

    I clicked on the link you provided for “optimize” and the info was frustrating—it never defined optimize! In fact it specifically said that cropping the image wouldn’t necessarily optimize it. Is it “pixels per inch” we should reduce or what???? There is definitely no setting or tool called “optimize” in my photo-editor (Photo-Impact/ulead)

    My images look fine to me on my computer screen, now I am wondering if they are distorted on others’ screens…

    Thanks for any advice!



    If you would like to see how your images and blog display in different browsers there is a free service you can use here



    Thanks, I am checking that out now!

    But what about the difference between the computer and a laptop or maybe size of person’s screen causing a difference?

    Does “optimize” mean downsize the pixels per inch/ resolution?
    Does it mean crop to width of my theme’s column?

    That didn’t seem to be specified at all in the link about optomizing…

    I don’t usually resize, though I do crop—not to change the size, just to pick out what I want to show out of my raw photo. I’ve always been a little confused when inserting a photo, by the choice we have to make between sizes—I think it’s thumbnail, small, med, large, original—I think sometimes original is shown as being smaller than the “large” option for a specific image, which seems impossible.

    Should I be resizing (resolution? inches?) my photos beforehand to a “reasonably large, but not as big as original” size, if I want people to be able to click for more details, yet not have my pages load too slowly? I have a fast connection, so I cant tell if it’s slow to load for others…

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