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    When clicked.

    Previously when clicked the images used to go to a page where they could be viewed full sized, and with the ‘Gallery’ (rather than Standard) post option they used to go to a gallery page. They’re not doing that now. I’ve done a quick search on the forums and have read some threads but am still unable to resolve the issue. Any advice/help would be appreciated.

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    You appear to be using the Gallery post format, but not actually inserting your images using the Gallery feature as described here:

    When you use the Gallery feature, your images will then open in the Image Carousel, if enabled, or the image Attachment page or Media file, if not.


    Oh wow I’d never seen that post before justjennifer, thank you so much for showing me. I’ll bear that in mind for new posts.

    However, I only very recently changed most of my posts to Gallery format (without adding all the pictures again through the ‘Create Gallery’ option). Prior to that I mostly had the ‘Standard’ style with 1 or 2 in Gallery style and the images in both were interactive, that is to say they opened in a new page with the option to show the full size image. The gallery carousel also worked. Then, and I can’t remember when exactly, they just stopped and I never did anything about it, I just assumed it was something to do with WordPress and would sort itself out or it wasn’t an available option anymore. Following that I changed then all to Gallery style as I preferred the changes that made to how the posts are displayed in the Reader and on my front page. I finally asked about it here because I realized I could click on images in other people’s blogs and they still open/enlarge.

    I’ve just changed the two most recent posts back to Standard format and the images still aren’t clickable, so I’m not sure what to do? I’ve looked through all the settings and can’t see any options that I might need to change.




    @dapperdolly-When you insert images individually, you need to change the “Link to” to the Attachment page or media file (I find Attachment page the more user-friendly of the two). Have a look at justpi’s post and it will be clear.

    @justpi-good morning, P!


    I see, thank you so much justpi and justjennifer! It looks like I’m going to have change all the pics individually but at least I can pick and choose as I know how to now. I really should have asked straight away and it’s never ceases to amaze me how the options are there all the time but since ‘we’ don’t use or question them (checkout what they do) we get used to not ‘seeing’ them and end up in stuck in old patterns of behaviour. I can’t believe I never noticed the ‘Advanced settings’ tab on the edit popup in the visual editor for example when clicking on images already in posts, because it was one of those instances where I wouldn’t see it unless I knew it was there in the first place. I swear it’s scary how easy it is to go day to day being only partially aware without even realizing it!

    Thanks again!



    You’re welcome!



    And good morning!

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